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CPU and RAM are at home. CPU is working, but RAM isn’t. Previous owner cleaned it with alcohool and I can’t get it to work at all, whether alone on every slot, in dual channel mode or even fully populated. This on two different mobos.

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So I’ve molecule’d (via rootless podman) my draft Ansible playbook. It’s of course far from perfect yet. But I should have done it before.

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OK. So to sum up, this is not one, but two blatant failures. Maybe a third incoming ?

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EDIT: moved preformated code out of summary as a workaround so bug doesn’t show anymore.

Wow, I’m currently exploding my average delay of posting on this blog. Once posted, I’ve noticed that the theme layout currently used with Zola (blow, not to name it) is broken with preformated content when you look at the sum up list of posts. Given I’m not much (read at all or so) into CSS, front-end and such, that may be fixed one day or another. Either by fixing blow or using another Zola theme. That’s it for now, you can resume your normal activities.

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Everything has been plugged and is in my desk. The once called Tinkerbell machine is now homelab-gateway, still running the same Debian 12 OS installed by hand. I’ve got an Ansible playbook skeleton and a hand-made inventory.

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So I ended up changing the blog I usually use due to a strange bug making it impossible to add a link in a post, and dived into Zola, a static site engine written in Rust. (and yes, it’s been a month since I began to write/test/tweak these words, did I already say that geeking time was sparse ?). You’ll notice too on entry page that my Codeberg/github activity is low to say the least, I hope that it’ll get higher in the coming months. By the way, Codeberg link points to Codeberg main page and not my repos because I need to recover my password and haven’t done it yet.

Of course, previous posts are still available here, if anyone cares.

While I’m at it, I previously forgot to talk about a couple things (or things happened after my last post) :

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